Communications Forum

The Communications Forum is an informal community platform initiated by London International Development Centre (LIDC) and UKCDR in September 2013. The organisers recognised that many communication professionals in research communication often work by themselves, or in small teams. The Communication Forum was created to enable them to speak to peers to get advice/share best practice and learn about research communications.

What are the aims?

The Communication Forum meets twice a year and the purpose of the meetings is:

  • to provide networking opportunities
  • to share information on current projects/work objectives
  • to learn about research communication best practice

Who are the members?

The Forum brings together experts in research communications from universities, funding agencies, research institutes, think tanks and NGOs. Participants specialise in international development research communications or work for organisations with an important development research portfolio.

The Communications Forum is multi-institutional and non-departmental. The members participate as they see the need for networking, sharing information and learning more about research communication.

Key topics

  • 2020: Communication champions: how to communicate safeguarding in international development research
  • 2019: Communicating with impact
  • 2018: Communicating in an age of uncertainty
  • 2017: How to use storytelling in research
  • 2017: Social Media
  • 2016: Brexit and its effect on international development communications
  • 2016: Behavioural change in an organization
  • 2015: Useful strategies and tactics for audience segmentation and targeting
  • 2015: How to engage with research communities in the Global South and communicate with partners overseas
  • 2015: How to operate internationally – a communications perspective
  • 2015: Digital communication strategy overview from various organizations and how to reach new digital audiences
  • 2014: The impact of research communications and how to define and measure impact
  • 2013: Set up of Comms Forum