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Blog Post

How to make research accessible to policymakers

Working at the science-policy interface is diverse and it led me to completely rethink my own research interests, methods and impact. I spent 18 months seconded to the...

2 December 2016

Blog Post

Trends that will affect research for development

Last year was a pivotal time for global development. With several agreements relevant to sustainable development and a changing funding landscape in the UK, I wanted to...

21 October 2016

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Work on research systems are varied and crucial

Research Councils UK has launched a call for evidence on the GCRF Collective Fund, part of the new £1.5 billion Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Nick Perkins,...

8 August 2016

Blog Post

Key priorities for the GCRF Collective Fund

Research Councils UK has launched a call for evidence to gather views on the high-level challenges and delivery the GCRF Collective Fund, part of the new £1.5...

1 August 2016

Blog Post

Your research: Science for Global Good

UKCDS has just launched ‘Your Research: Science for Global Good’, a new researcher and funding hub encouraging researchers to consider how they could use their knowledge...

29 June 2016

Blog Post

Global development research is on the rise

Last year put global development into the spotlight. Several major crises (such as Ebola and migration) tested a development community which also celebrated several new...

9 February 2016

Blog Post

The ethics of long-term climate research

How is climate change being factored into long-term investments and planning decisions in Africa? This was one of the key questions asked of a 12-month study, led by the...

11 December 2015

Blog Post

The dirty problem of air pollution in Asia

UK-funded research is looking to tackle the growing problem of air pollution, at a time when Asian cities are suffering badly and major talks on climate change take place in...

9 December 2015