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Who, what, where?

**The full report is now available to view here** The term ‘capacity strengthening’ may once have been a fresh new buzzword to describe technical assistance activities,...

8 January 2015

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UKCDS getting into the Christmas spirit

Christmas is a time for giving, a time for receiving and a time for sharing. So from now until 6 January we will be giving away FREE copies of our book, Science and Innovation...

4 December 2014

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Joining food forces across continents

Members of the HLPD Bureau and expert group at a recent meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Image: Kediija Seid) There’s a really exciting initiative that UKCDS (UK...

1 December 2014

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A farewell blog from UKCDS Director Andrée Carter

Andrée Carter is stepping down as Director of UKCDS After over seven years of dedicated service, the founding UKCDS Director is off to pastures new – 11.5 acres in the...

29 October 2014

Blog Post

Disaster risk reduction

Dr Julie Calkins, disaster risk reduction consultant at UKCDS, describes her current work with the post-2015 process. Today is the final session of the UN’s open-ended...

13 October 2014

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Why we do what we do, & what we do in agriculture

UKCDS is a member of the Tropical Agriculture Association, and for the summer edition of their journal, Agriculture for Development, Alex Gwyther explained UKCDS’ work on...

4 September 2014

Blog Post

Brain drain to Brain Gain

Moses Mulimira, co-chair of the Uganda Diaspora Health Foundation, and Amy Stoddard, its Strategic Development Lead, describe how their latest project has been improving mental...

4 August 2014

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Hot new Horizon 2020 funding opportunities

A busy summer for the EU’s Horizon 2020 scheme Image: Jeremy Vandel As the summer reaches its height, many will be looking forwards to holidays, or at least the promise...

28 July 2014

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Supporting countries make their own science

Image: USAID Today saw the launch of the latest ESSENCE Group report – “Seven principles for strengthening research capacity in low- and middle-income countries:...

26 June 2014