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“Learning to dance” with complexity

‘Management of complexity’ by Michael Heiss Intuitively we all know that the world is complex, that cause does not lead to effect and that it’s impossible to control...

27 May 2014

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Food security for global development

A farmer and his family in Afghanistan, Image: UK Ministry of Defence One of our main roles as the UKCDS Secretariat is bringing people together and stimulating...

30 April 2014

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Engineering research for sustainable development

The Katse Dam in South Africa, Image: Damien du Toit This report has now been published and you can download it here. Infrastructure is recognised as a key driver...

9 April 2014

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Silicon Savanna

Will Kenya lay claim to the next microchip moniker? Image: RaSeLaSeD – Il Pinguino Unleashing the private sector for development is the fad du jour,* a trend that...

2 April 2014

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EU funding opportunities

Image: Flickr, EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Kirsty Hogan is Head of the International Team in the Cabinet Office’s Civil Contingencies...

31 March 2014

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Science’s role in disaster risk assessments

Monitoring hydrometeorological hazards at IDEAM, Colombia In the last week of February, members of the UKCDS Disasters team organised a workshop in Bogotá, Colombia on...

25 March 2014

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NGOs and Research

How can we work better together? (Image: Wellcome Library, London) Ever gone to an international development conference and thought “Uh oh, I don’t know anyone here...

13 March 2014

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A bold step forwards

Dr Megan French of UCL collects samples for water quality analysis in Bolivia Dr Kate Crowley is Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor at CAFOD and co-authored the guidelines...

17 February 2014

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Horizon 2020

Image: Sebastien Bertrand This €79 billion programme, is the newest incarnation of what had previously been known as ‘Framework Programmes’, and with it has come some new...

10 February 2014