Funding call

Following on from the success of the 2017 GCRF-STARS call, BBSRC is pleased to announce a second round of GCRF STARS for strategic training awards of up to 12 months in duration to support research capability addressing current global challenges.

The purpose of this call is to build a portfolio of sustainable and timely training resources to up-skill and develop researchers, graduate students and DAC citizen in research priority areas, focussing on sustainable development addressing most significant and complex problems faced by developing countries.

Applications must emphasize the specific global development challenge that their proposed activity will contribute to addressing. BBSRC welcomes applications for support of any research capability within our remit, but particularly those identified within the GCRF challenge areas including the following:

  • Secure and resilient food systems supported by sustainable marine resources and agriculture
  • Sustainable health and wellbeing
  • affordable, reliable, sustainable energy
  • clean air, water and sanitation
  • Resilience and action on short-term environmental shocks and long-term environmental change
  • sustainable cities and communities
  • sustainable production and consumption of materials and other resources
  • Prevention of diseases in humans and farm animals relevant to the developing country
  • Prevention of crop disease in varieties grown in/ developed for developing countries.