Funding call

The new call focuses on taking a life course approach to reducing and preventing common non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factors in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs) and/or disadvantaged populations in high-income countries (HICs).

The call aims to fund implementation research that investigates how evidence-based interventions, including those focused on behavioural change, or those that increase the health-promoting potential of environments, can be adapted and embedded into new, resource-limited contexts. Such interventions might include those that encourage tobacco or alcohol avoidance, hypertension management, reduced salt intake, regular physical activity, and social and psychological well-being.

In the context of this call, taking a life course approach to NCD risk factor reduction and prevention means adapting interventions to target particular life stages or transitions, with the aim of promoting life-long and potentially intergenerational health.

The GACD seeks to fund international, collaborative, multidisciplinary, and cross-cultural teams. While only qualified researchers can apply for this funding opportunity, collaboration with stakeholders such as community and patient groups, local policymakers, public and clinical health professionals, NGOs and others whose organisations or communities might benefit from the research, is essential.

Deadline: 31 May 2022