COVID-19 Research Project Tracker by UKCDR & GloPID-R

UKCDR and GloPID-R have developed a live database of funded research projects on COVID-19 that will help funders and researchers identify gaps and opportunities and inform future research investments or coordination needs.

About the COVID-19 Research Project Tracker

This is a live database of funded research projects across the world related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. By providing an overview of research projects mapped against the priorities identified in the WHO Coordinated Global Research Roadmap: 2019 Novel Coronavirus, we aim to support funders and researchers deliver a more effective and coherent global research response. Last updated: 1 July 2020

It includes:

  • *NEW* Interactive heatmap of these projects against the research priorities set out in the WHO Coordinated Global Research Roadmap: 2019 Novel Coronavirus, March 2020 (see below)
  • Interactive world map to search research projects by research location, funders and by WHO R&D priorities (see below)
  • New research projects funded to date from the dataset sources (in downloadable Excel file)
  • *NEW* The complete clinical trials dataset from the WHO ICTRP, with additional categorisation to allow detailed pivot analysis on DAC list countries (in downloadable Excel file)
  • Supporting information on funding calls (in downloadable Excel file)
  • Links to useful online resources (in downloadable Excel file)
  • *Coming soon* List of COVID-19 Data Repositories (in downloadable Excel file)


Whilst every attempt is being made to provide a comprehensive overview, we do not pretend to have an exhaustive list of all research projects. Current datasets included are listed below. Please help us complete the database by contributing any additional datasets to

You may use the downloadable data freely and link to interactive website elements on your website, provided you give attribution to the project. Recommended attribution: UKCDR and GloPID-R COVID-19 Research Project Tracker, 2020,

Download the Tracker (Version: 1 July 2020)

As a Google Sheet:

As a MS Excel file:

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Heatmap: COVID-19 Funded Research Projects vs WHO Research Priorities

World Map: COVID-19 Funded Research Projects by Location

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  • What datasets are currently included?

    Date Added Funder Country Dataset Name Source Version   
    31-Mar-20 CIHR Canada Government of Canada invests $27M in coronavirus research –Details of the funded projects Link 06-Mar-20
    31-Mar-20 REACTing France Projects financed by REACTing on COVID-19 Link 27-Feb-20
    31-Mar-20 European Commission Various ec_rtd_cv-projects Link 30-Mar-20
    31-Mar-20 AMED Japan AMED Japan _ Division of Infectious Disease Research Research Projects on COVID-19 Link 04-Mar-20
    31-Mar-20 APPRISE Australia Fast-tracked new COVID-19 projects to fill critical research need Link Mar-20
    31-Mar-20 CIHR Canada Government of Canada funds 49 additional COVID_24 March 2020 Link 24-Mar-20
    31-Mar-20 Various Various DRAFT landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines – 20 March 2020 Link 20-Mar-20
    16-Apr-20 Wellcome /DFID UK Epidemic Preparedness: COVID-19 funding call – Grants awarded Link 16-Apr-20
    16-Apr-20 Various WHO WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) – Complete Dataset Link 16-Apr-20
    17-Apr-20 UKRI (MRC) UK List of awards_UKRI-DHSC RRC Link 14-Apr-20
    17-Apr-20 UKRI/DHSC(NIHR) UK List of awards_UKRI-DHSC RRC TBC 14-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 APPRISE Australia NHMRC extends APPRISE funding for critical COVID-19 projects Link 13-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 ISCIII Spain Spanish health research projects granted by national funding call Link 7-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 Emergent Ventures Fast Grants N/A Grant recipients Link 21-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 UKRI (MRC) UK List of awards_UKRI-DHSC RRC Link 14-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 UKRI/DHSC(NIHR) UK List of awards_UKRI-DHSC RRC TBC 14-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 CIHR Canada Government of Canada funds 49 additional COVID-19 research projects – Details of the funded projects – Update 2 April Link 2-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 Institute Pasteur France Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 : the Institut Pasteur mobilization – Research Projects Link 10-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 BMBF Germany BMBF Germany 22 Apr Link 22-Apr-20
    29-Apr-20 CEPI N/A Our Portfolio Link 24-Apr-20
    13-May-20 CSO Scotland UK Rapid Research in Covid-19 programme Link 28-Apr-20
    13-May-20 HRCNZ New Zealand Link 17-Apr-20
    13-May-20 UKRI UK Research and innovation projects and other awards supported by UKRI Link 11-May-20
    13-May-20 BMBF Germany BMBF Germany  Apr Link 06-May-20
    03-Jun-20 NSF USA N/A: dataset obtained by typing ‘COVID’ into their Award Search Link 14-May-20
    17-Jun-20 NIH USA NIH RePORTER data extract against keywords: “COVID”, “SARS-COV”, “2019-nCoV” Link 08-Jun-20

    We will be adding future data from other UKCDR and GLOPID-R members as and when awards are made.

  • Who is this database for?     

    • Research funders and researchers– looking to identify areas of unmet need, coordination needs, or collaborative opportunities
    • Anyone interested in up-to date information about COVID-19 research
  • How can I add information to this database?

    Funders and research organisations can email to provide datasets to UKCDR, ask questions on the data or provide feedback on the dashboard.

    The database will be updated within 48 hours of a funding decision being announced and a new version will be uploaded to this website.

    COVID-19 Research Project Tracker: Data Fields 

    We encourage all funders to collect the information below during the funding application and decision process if possible. UKCDR can extract information from any source document – there is no need to fill out a template (although we can provide one on request).

  • What are the WHO Research Priorities for COVID-19?

  • About UKCDR & GloPID-R

    About UKCDR

    The UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR) is a group of UK government departments and research funders working in international development research.

    UKCDR exists to amplify the value and impact of research for global development by promoting coherence, collaboration and joint action among UK research funders. governed by the Strategic Coherence of ODA-funded Research (SCOR) Board.

    About GloPID-R

    GloPID-R is a network of funding organizations investing in infectious diseases research preparedness and response.

    GloPID-R is the only alliance of its kind to bring together research funding organizations on a global scale to facilitate an effective and rapid research of a significant outbreak of a new or re-emerging infectious disease with epidemic and pandemic potential.