Funding calls

We provide an overview of the latest research for international development funding opportunities in the UK: ranging from major initiatives to small research grants, workshop and travel grants, prizes and awards, and individual fellowships and studentships.

Find more information on major UK funding sources here, or explore the wider picture of UK funding for international development research here.

Funding call

£130,400 to Fly UAV Drones for DFID and UNICEF

Deadline: 30 Aug 2019

DFID & UNICEF are funding the use of drones for aerial mapping and medical supply chains over several months in Malawi to gather evidence on drone flights on health outcomes

Funding call

MRC-AMED Infectious Disease Research Collaboration

Deadline: 4 Sep 2019

The Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) and the UK MRC are pleased to launch a call for proposals for UK-Japan collaborative research into infectious diseases. This jointly funded initiative is aimed at fostering collaborative links between researchers in the UK and Japan.

Funding call

South Africa-UK Antiboiotic Accelerator Initiative

Deadline: 5 Sep 2019

The UK MRC and South African MRC (SAMRC) are pleased to invite proposals to the South Africa – UK Antibiotic Accelerator under the umbrella of the Newton Fund. This initiative will provide funding for high quality collaborative research partnerships focused on addressing the growing global burden of antimicrobial resistance, specifically antibacterial resistance in (South) Africa, through drug discovery.

Funding call

Impact of Vaccines on Antimicrobial Resistance

Deadline: 6 Sep 2019

This scheme supports researchers investigating the impact of vaccines on antibiotic use and/or antimicrobial resistance. The aim is to support and inform vaccine decision-makers around the world and tackle antimicrobial resistance.

Funding call

Newton Fund Impact Scheme

Deadline: 13 Sep 2019

NFIS provides funding for current and previously funded Newton Fund grantees with the aim of maximising impact from Newton Fund activities. 

Funding call

GCRF International Development Highlight Notice

Deadline: 18 Sep 2019

This highlight notice seeks to encourage innovative proposals for enhancing inclusive engagement with, and impacts from, research funded by the AHRC in one or more countries which receive Official Development Assistance (ODA) and/or which will contribute more broadly to international development

Funding call

GCRF Challenge Clusters

Deadline: 24 Sep 2019

There are over 800 GCRF projects funded to date. Each project alone cannot address seemingly intractable global challenges, but by bringing together clusters of GCRF and other official development assistance (ODA) oriented research projects from across the necessary range of academic disciplines alongside other relevant stakeholders such as NGOs, CSO, government or industry, they could achieve much greater impact.