Partner resources


A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships by KFPE

Transboundary and intercultural research in partnership is challenging. This is particularly the case when cooperation takes place between rich and poor countries. This guide is based on 11 principles and 7 key questions.

15 January 2021

Meeting Minutes

SCOR Board Meeting Discussion Highlights: July 2020

Update on projects addressing SCOR Board priorities The SCOR Board received an update on the impact of the ongoing pandemic on UKCDR projects and operations and approved a...

30 July 2020


Money & Microbes: Strengthening Research Capacity to Prevent Epidemics

From the International Vaccines Task Force, this report develops a framework (for action by countries, development partners, research funders, research organisations and the private sector) for financing clinical research and trial capacity strengthening in low and middle-income countries.

5 June 2019


Strengthening Research Systems: Concepts, Actions and Actors

This report reviews frameworks for strengthening research systems, gives examples of policies to improve RCS systems, and analyses the landscape of organisations engaged in research management or RCS in sub-Saharan Africa.

5 June 2019