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Past event

COVID-19 Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

29 Mar 2021

This meeting will bring together global research funders, including those who are funding research on COVID-19 within low- and middle- income countries, with the community of researchers who are actively undertaking this research across LMICs. 


Blog Post

No impact without equity

We at UKCDR and ESSENCE have partnered to deliver the Equitable Partnerships Resources Hub. Our blog sets out more about this initiative, and why building equitable partnerships is essential to the research process.

24 March 2021

UKCDR publications and reports


Brochure: About COVID CIRCLE

Learn more about the four key elements of our work – Principles and priorities; Mapping and analysis; Researcher coordination; and Learning – in this area in this informative brochure.

27 January 2021

Article, Policy brief

Living mapping review for COVID-19 funded research projects

To make best use of the expansive data in the COVID-19 Research Project Tracker, UKCDR & GloPID-R have produced a Living Mapping Review of COVID-19 funded research projects, which analyses globally funded COVID-19 related research. 

6 April 2021