We hold events throughout the year, both independently and jointly with UKCDR members. We also promote events on behalf of our members that are of interest to the research for international development sector.

Past event

COVID-19 Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

29 Mar 2021

This meeting will bring together global research funders, including those who are funding research on COVID-19 within low- and middle- income countries, with the community of researchers who are actively undertaking this research across LMICs. 

Past event

Preventing Harm in Research: Safeguarding in International Development Research

1 Jul 2020

This live virtual event, targeted at the research community, aims to raise awareness of the new guidance on safeguarding in international development research, increase understanding of the definition of safeguarding in the context of international development research, and highlight how the research community can use it. Further, we will reflect on safeguarding considerations in the context of COVID-19.

Past event

Building Back Trust: Demonstrating Research Impact

7 Nov 2018

In a world becoming increasingly sceptical of the role and value of ‘expertise’, how can we ensure that social science research remains relevant, valued and utilised? Do we need to alter the way in which we communicate research in the face of this scepticism and, if so, how?