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Case studies: UK-funded research on climate change and international development

Six case studies have been developed to provide examples of how some of the impact types discussed in the UKCDR report, 'UK-funded research on climate change and international development', have been delivered in practice over the last 5 years. They have been selected to represent a range of impact types, as well as a variety of project types, geographical and thematic foci, and research funders.

19 April 2021

Article, Policy brief

Living mapping review for COVID-19 funded research projects

To make best use of the expansive data in the COVID-19 Research Project Tracker, UKCDR & GloPID-R have produced a Living Mapping Review of COVID-19 funded research projects, which analyses globally funded COVID-19 related research. 

6 April 2021


Brochure: About COVID CIRCLE

Learn more about the four key elements of our work – Principles and priorities; Mapping and analysis; Researcher coordination; and Learning – in this area in this informative brochure.

27 January 2021