Development challenges and space technolog. Photo cred - NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Expedition 51 Launch to the International Space Station

Meeting summary and the presentation from UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency (UKSA) is proposing to launch a new funding programme that could link and fund international development practitioners, researchers and the user community with research and private sector technology providers concerned with satellite technology, telecommunications or other applications of space technology to explore innovative approaches.

On 31 March the UKCDS Secretariat hosted an introductory roundtable meeting with development researchers, practitioners and UKSA with the aims of:

  • Convening development funders, senior researchers and practitioners with representative space technology experts to help start to explore which development challenges would most benefit from such collaborations.
  • Providing an opportunity to share knowledge, contribute ideas and identify areas of common interest from the different sectors.
  • Helping inform the possible future scope of the potential programme.

Here you can find the meeting summary and the presentation from UK Space Agency

Development Challenges and Space Technology - meeting summary


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Development Challenges and Space Technology - presentation


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