Ebola Research Database. Photo cred - Army Medicine, Ebola response training

Information on current academic research relevant to Ebola that UKCDS has been informed of, designed to support alignment between funders to reduce duplication & help develop complementary activities

The attached Ebola Research Database contains information on all current academic research relevant to Ebola that we have been informed about. This information sharing is designed to support alignment between research funders in order to reduce undue duplication and help develop complementary activities where enhanced effort is required.

The UKCDS Secretariat is compiling information that is sent to us from research funders whether they are public, private or charitable bodies.  We would therefore welcome you sending this page to other such organisations you are aware of to encourage organisations to send us their data.

The database aims to capture those research projects that have been launched in direct response to the West African Ebola outbreak but will not seek to represent on-going research in Ebola or West Africa more generally. It is designed to capture information at the specific research project level, within funding calls.

UKCDS do not take responsibility for any awarded grants that may have occurred that aren’t represented on the database. Organisations that do not appear on this database may still be funding work related to Ebola, which do not have a research focus.

If you would like to share information, please download and fill in the blank template and send to infouk-cds@ukcds.org.uk.

The Ebola Research Database was last updated on 10 February 2015. “Version 2.4”

You can follow the progress of our database on Twitter via #EbolaResrch

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