UKCDR are seeking to commission a supplier to undertake an evidence review, draft overarching principles and best practice guidance on safeguarding in the international development research context. The evidence review will likely comprise a literature review and consultations with key stakeholders to: i) frame the nature and the scale of the problem; ii) identify existing guidance and experience of implementation; and iii) map safeguarding activities of UK international development research funders.

The evidence review will be the first step towards iterative and consultative development of practical and relevant safeguarding principles and guidance to support key stakeholders in raising safeguarding standards in the international development research context, to promote cultural and institutional change and to provide assurance on UK ODA research funding.

Electronic copies of your proposal should be submitted no later than 10pm (22.00 BST) on Friday 8th February 2019.

The single point of contact for all communications is Olivia Berthon, UKCDR Policy and Programme Officer.

See our SafeguardingĀ page for more details on how we are supporting UK research funders to set the tone and expectations around safeguarding in international development research.

Tender document for evidence review: safeguarding in international development research


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