This report explores the role that funders play throughout the research lifecycle to select & build partnerships. Seven in-depth case studies exemplify the range of programmes & structures used.

With the increase of North-South research programmes around the world, ensuring equitable partnerships is vital to generate excellent science and obtain the best development outcomes where all partners benefit from the research.

“Building partnerships of equals: the role of funders in equitable and effective international development research collaborations” is the first report to explore the essential role that funders can play throughout the research lifecycle to select and build partnerships of equals. It draws on discussion with over thirty international funders to provide an overview of current models, practices and challenges. Seven in-depth case studies exemplify the range of programmes and structures used.

There was consensus amongst the interviewees that funders need to think about their role throughout the lifecycle of the research collaborations they fund to foster equity. From the interviews, we outline ten key ways that funders can influence equitable partnerships. This includes developing clear guidelines and recognising the time and costs of building international collaborations.

The report is primarily aimed at staff in research funder organisations, particularly those working in research call and programme design and delivery. It will also be of interest to research officers, researchers and development organisations interested in understanding current funder approaches

Finding and building effective and equitable research collaborations or partnerships


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