Research Uptake Exploratory Workshop

This resource provides the workshop report and the presentations shown on the day

On 16 December UKCDS hosted an exploratory workshop to discuss what funders can do to encourage more research uptake.

The event was co-organised with NWO/WOTRO (the development arm of the Dutch Research Council), the Overseas Development Institute, the Economic Research Council and the Department for International Development.

Here you can find the workshop report and the presentations shown on the day. The presentations included:


Geoff Barnard 

Setting the Context

Sharing experience – the funders’ perspective

  •  Han van Dijk/Corrine Lamain (NWO)
  • Nina Marshall (ESRC))
  • Amy Kirbyshire (CDKN)
  • Val Snewin (Wellcome Trust)

Sharing experience – the practitioners’ perspective

  •  Caroline Cassidy (DEGRP/EPG)
  • Vanessa Nigten/Evert-Jan Quak (The Broker/Knowledge Platform Food & Business)
  • Josine Stremmelaar (HIVOS)
  • Rosalind Goodrich (IIED)
  • James Georgalakis (IDS)

Rosalind Goodrich (IIED) also wrote a blog about the event. See it on the IIED website.

Report on Exploratory Workshop on Research Uptake


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