We are seeking to appoint a supplier to develop a report that identifies trends, knowledge gaps and opportunities in the built environment research landscape and makes recommendations for funders on how to maximise the impact of built environment research on international development.

The report will explore and highlight what role research can play in addressing future challenges in the built environment, and how UK funders can add value.

The deliverables of this work will include: a consultation workshop with key stakeholders and experts in the field, a full report with funder recommendations, and an outcomes communications plan.

Electronic copies of your proposal should be submitted no later than 10pm (22.00 BST) on Wednesday 26th June 2019.

The point of contact for all communications is Sheila Mburu, UKCDR Research and Policy Officer (s.mburu@ukcdr.org.uk). Please also copy in Alice Cross (a.cross@ukcdr.org.uk) into all communications.


June 2019 Tender for Built Environment Research Landscape Report


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RFP Documents #1 - Supplier RFP Q&A Document


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RFP Documents #2 - General Terms & Conditions


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