We are seeking a supplier to conduct wide-reaching and inclusive consultations with stakeholders on a draft set of principles and best practice guidance on safeguarding in the international development research context, with a view to producing a final deliverable by February 2020. 

Through in-depth online and face-to face consultation with a wide and inclusive stakeholder base in the UK and in selected appropriate LMIC contexts, the final safeguarding principles and guidance developed should support stakeholders in raising safeguarding standards in the international development research context to promote long-lasting cultural and institutional change in policy and practice.

Electronic copies of your proposal should be submitted no later than 10pm (22.00 BST) on 20 September 2019.

The single point of contact for all communications is Sheila Mburu, UKCDR Research and Policy Officer (s.mburu@ukcdr.org.uk).

Tender for supplier: Safeguarding in international development research consultation phase


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