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Published alongside our Living Mapping Review (LMR), Tracker Highlights provide a deeper look at four key themes that have emerged from analysis of our Tracker data. Both the LMR and Tracker Highlights are frequently updated, most recently in July 2022.

The Tracker Highlights themes are:

1. Indirect health impacts of COVID-19

To date, the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed over six million lives and devastated health systems across the globe. However, the true scale of this pandemic’s impact remains underestimated, with limited evidence on the indirect health impacts secondary to the global pandemic response.

From disruptions in healthcare delivery to impoverishment from loss of livelihoods, there is likely to be devastating consequences on other health conditions.

We provide a snapshot of funded research activity focused on the indirect health impacts of COVID-19.

Indirect Health Impacts


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2. Research capacity strengthening

The pandemic has triggered an unprecedented global research response across multiple disciplines to gain insights into this novel infection and its impacts. To date, thousands of research activities have been embarked on with a predominance of research projects in higher income countries. Strengthening research capacity, particularly in low-resourced settings, facilitates an equitable response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research capacity strengthening activities are purposeful initiatives which enhance the ability of individuals, organisations and systems to successfully undertake research

We provide a snapshot of funded research activities with capacity strengthening as an objective.

Research Capacity Strengthening


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3. Long COVID

As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, there is increased interest in the emerging phenomenon now commonly referred to as “long COVID”. 

To date, there is a lack of consensus on a clear definition, diagnosis, clinical characterization and management, rehabilitation and appropriate support for sufferers in addition to difficulties in ascertaining its prevalence.

We provide a snapshot of funded research activity focusing on various aspects of long COVID.



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4. New variants

To date, the world has seen nearly 500 million known cases of COVID-19 and the pandemic has claimed over six million lives [1]. All viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19), evolve over time. Some of these changes affect the properties of a virus, including how easily it spreads, the severity of disease, effectiveness of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostic tools, and other public health/social measures. 

We provide a snapshot of funded research activity focusing on the emergence of new variants.


New Variants


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