Webinar: ‘Preventing Harm in Research’, 1 July 2020

Watch the recording from UKCDR’s live event

In April 2020, UKCDR launched guidance on safeguarding in international development research to ensure the highest safeguarding standards in this context. UK funders of international development research worked with UKCDR to develop a set of principles and best practice guidance on safeguarding to anticipate, mitigate and address potential and actual harms in the funding, design, delivery and dissemination of research.

This webinar, targeted at the international development research community, aims to raise awareness of the new guidance increase understanding of the definition of safeguarding in the context of international development research and highlight how the research community can use it. We also reflect on safeguarding considerations in the context of COVID-19.


  • Marta Tufet, Executive Director, UKCDR
  • Sheila Mburu, Safeguarding Lead, Research & Policy Officer, UKCDR
  • Sarah Ball, UK Research & Innovation (UKRI)
  • Kerry Garfitt, Wellcome
  • Ben Raynor, Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
  • Kweku Ackom, Department for International Development (DFID)
  • Alison MacEwan, Department for Health & Social Care (DHSC)
  • Linnea Renton, Research Fellow on Safeguarding,Antislavery Knowledge Network, University of Liverpool
  • Prof. Sally Theobald, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and ARISE – GCRF Accountability for Informal Urban Equity Hub
  • Dr. Bintu Mansaray, ARISE HUB


1. Introduction, scene setting and background to guidance development 40mins

  • Importance of safeguarding in the sector
  • UKCDR guidance – background and how to use

2. Use/implementation of safeguarding guidance 45 mins

  • Funder perspective – UK funder policies and alignment to guidance
  • Researcher perspective – Researcher/Institutional perspective on use of guidance
  • Q&A
Safeguarding in International Development Research - Presentation by Sheila Mburu, Research & Policy Officer, UKCDR


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Developing and applying the UKCDR safeguarding principles and guidance - Presentation by Linnea Renton, Research Fellow on Safeguarding, Antislavery Knowledge Network, University of Liverpool


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Reflections on safeguarding - Presentation by Sally Theobald and Bintu Mansaray on behalf of ARISE hub


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