Data on UK-funded research and innovation

Improving data on research and innovation activities funded by UK Official Development Assistance (ODA)  


Working across UK government funders and implementing partners, UKCDR is leading a project to improve the availability and consistency of data on ODA-funded research and innovation activities. The three areas of focus are funding calls, awards and results. 

Why are we working on this? 

Timely, reliable data on funded activities and impact is key for strategic analyses of the ODA research and innovation portfolio.  

We will build on funders’ existing and planned IT systems to ensure data can be collated across organisations and made accessible to a wide range of research and innovation stakeholders for their decisionmaking. This involves coordinating across funders’ infrastructure projects, identifying opportunities and barriers for common data collection and exploring the value of new data visualisation tools.   

UKCDR has delivered a number of analyses on ODA-funded research and innovation. We understand the challenges and opportunities associated with cross-funder datasets perhaps better than any other organisation. We strongly believe that reliable data are key for a coherent, impactful approach to funding development research. 

Contact us

For more information on our work on data alignment, please contact Emma Clegg – Senior Management Information Analyst ( 

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